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Qualifed Investors Criteria

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What are the qualifications we require to onboard
an investor and
business partner? 

We would prefer to have a business partner relationship with a real estate investor who is not stretching their finances too thin.   We don't want a business partner who is risking  too much of their assets in order to get rich quick.  

We absolutely don't want an investor who is using credit or an equity line of credit on their home to fund their investment with us.  

We would prefer an investor who has a broad portfolio of risk diverse assets including some conservative assets like cash, annuities and cds.  Your financial portfolio should not be  hinged on to one particular financial market or particular asset.

We prefer that you have an annual income of at least $200,000 or more and that

your net worth is at least $2,000,000 or higher.  
We also require a credit score of at least 775 or higher.  

When we do investments in real estate development we always strive to make money.  However, there are upon rare occasions unanticipated  market conditions that result in an outcome that is not what was projected.     We don't want some one investing along side us that can not afford to take a worst case scenario hit.  We'd prefer that what you invest in us in no more than 10% of your net worth and that if in the worst case if it were lost, that it would not ruin your life.  


To do real estate investments, it does take some patience and nerves of steel.

If you are underfunded and undercapitalized then it will not make for a good business partnership with us.   We want partners who are not nervous and that can weather through any bumps in the road and not have knee jerk reactions when and if  situations do arise.   Maturity and wisdom are definitely a plus for us if you are to become

one of our business partners.  

Please submit your financial statements today so that we can quality you to be

one of our investment partners.


  Since 1992, Alan Development has been procuring land and developing  commercial, mixed-use and multi-family projects.    Our company also acquires existing buildings and turns them into viable income properties.   
We do projects completely on our own or partner with corporations, investors, lenders or private individuals.   
Contact us today to discuss investment and partner opportunities. 
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