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Borghese Villas at Westshore

Borghese Villas

We developed this townhome complex in year 2005.

We acquired the land and then hired a General Contractor to do the build on these.
We faced a few hurdles along the way with a couple of hurricanes that drove up the building material costs unexpectedly, but we navigated through those trouble waters by increasing the prices.   We came out very profitable in the end.

Alan's business and life partner Greg Arbutine was put to good use on this project by becoming the website designer for the project.   He displayed full diagrams of the property on-line.   Alan also put his graphic design skills to work and artfully crafted some magnificent sales flyers. 


Between the high end branding and marketing that both Greg and Alan used to promote the project, the properties were sold quickly.   We even had two cash buyers who had come from out of state.   Our realtor who represented the property said that she was highly impressed, because she had seldom had cash buyers previously.

We sold out of this project and have no further vested interests in it.
We learned some valuable lessons on this one.  Perhaps the most important one is that if you design a good product, like how we did here, you're going to usually be pretty safe in the end.   People respect good design and quality and that is what will differentiate you as a builder and developer in the end.

Borghese Villas Flyer
Borghese Villas Flyer
Borghese Villas Flyer
Borghese Villas Flyer

Borghese Villas at Westshore
Developed and sold in year 2005 and 2006

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