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Partnership Opportunities

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We would love to have you come in with us on one of our future new development or re-development projects

Seeking Investor Partners:

We are actively seeking qualified business partners who want to invest along side us in our upcoming real estate development properties.    We have been developing properties since 1992 and largely have used mostly our own money and resources.   However, we are starting to consider some larger scale projects and re-development opportunities and want a little more initial start up capital in order to do some of these deals.

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Why Choose to come on board and develop along side us?

We have a keen eye on finding excellent properties and know which ones
are winners and which ones to avoid.   We have learned all the hard lessons
 over 30 years and have the knowledge, expertise, skill sets and wisdom regarding developing and re-developing 
commercial real estate development and acquisition.

Our main speciality is acquiring and optimizing existing commercial retail plazas.
  We know how to judge the best locations.  
We are also great at ascertaining the long term stability of a tenant mix.
We are experts on obtaining financing at the lowest possible market terms.


We are great at dealing with management groups and making the right judgment calls on rents prices to set, rent escalations, tenant negotiations, CAM, what to give tenants on build out costs and on optimal tenant placements.  We also know insurance costs and all the other costs it takes to run a commercial plaza and how to get the lowest prices.

  We love commercial property development and managing the managers, it is what we do and love best.  You won't regret partnering with us to secure your dream commercial properties with the highest potential return on investment and highest tenant retention rates. 

If you go at this alone and are inexperienced at commercial development or property procurement,  you are going to have to overcome a difficult learning curve which may result in lost opportunities and much higher vacancy rates on your income properties.  

Partnering along side us and our other investment partners gives you more buying power and the ability to purchase larger scale projects where there is less competition for buyers and more opportunity to get bargain or distressed properties.   On smaller properties in the $1,000,000 - $7,500,000  range there are many many buyers all competing for the same limited inventory.   However, in the $7,500,000- $15,000,000 category many of those buyers are priced out and the sellers of these larger projects have fewer options. Because of that, there are some occasional really good buys that come up for sale, and that is when we like to wield our knowledge and pounce and close a good deal.   

Don't want to be in an investment partnership group,
only want some expert advice and stewardship and have a shark on board?

If you task us to use our business acumen and acquire an existing plaza for you to own it by yourself,  we would receive a 5% ownership stake as consideration and payment for our expertise and procurement abilities.
Until the plaza is sold, as a 5% owner we remain on board to deal directly with the management company of the property and make decisions accordingly regarding rent increases, CAM and all
future tenant placements.    We would receive 5% of the gross rent payment
s per month and eventually when the plaza is sold, we would receive 5% of the sale price. 

If we develop a project for you from the ground up as in procuring the  land or a building pad hiring an architect, a civil engineer, structural engineer, mechanical and plumbing engineer, landscape architect and management company.  We would receive a 10% ownership stake.
  Until the plaza is sold, as an owner we remain on board to deal directly with the management company of the property and make decisions accordingly regarding rent increases, CAM and all future tenant placements.    We would receive 10% of the net gross rent payments per month and eventually when the plaza is sold, we would receive 10% of the sale price. 

The 5-10% you pay to us in giving up your project ownership in trade for our expertise and executive and strategic management and decision making will be well worth the cost.
   Our costs will be more than made up for and you will come out way ahead.
The time and headaches saved on you personally will be enormous
allowing you to continue to focus on your main career or other activities
while we shoulder the complete mental burden of all aspects related to your
commercial property acquisition, executive decisions regarding tenants and ROI.

We mostly prefer to seek business partners to develop alongside of us in a passive manner deferring most of the decisions as a silent partner to our managing business
Partner Alan Johnson.   However, we are also game for being your mega-mentor (for a price)  and locating you your dream plaza or property that will make you a great cash flow.   Keep in mind the way we have that set up, is that we only make optimal money if we locate a great plaza for you and that is is fully occupied and cash flowing. 


Either way you go, whether you are an investment partner along side with us or if we are your on board shark to steer your project along,  we only make money if you make money.    It is in our utmost best interest for all of our development projects to be successful for the sake of all on board, including ourselves.   We are not a fly by night firm looking to take a chunk of your money up front and never to be seen or heard of again.   We are not running a scam operation or Ponzi scheme.  We want a symbiotic relationship and we feel strongly that we have set up a win win business model here that hopefully you will love and that all parties will prosper.

Call or Text Alan Johnson today
to discuss your project interests:    



Get qualified today to become one of our investors.

Investment Partners Opportunities Sign Up List 

Please sign up to receive notices of our upcoming developments and investment partnering opportunities with us.   It is free to join our list and there are never any obligations or sales pressure.  We promise not to spam you and only reach out occasionally.

Thanks for Joining!

  Since 1992, Alan Development has been procuring land and developing  commercial, mixed-use and multi-family projects.    Our company also acquires existing buildings and turns them into viable income properties.   
We do projects completely on our own or partner with corporations, investors, lenders or private individuals.   
Contact us today to discuss investment and partner opportunities. 
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