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The Silver Queen in Largo, Florida

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Past Developments:
In 2002, Alan Development built a brand new 14,500 square foot building
for The Silver Queen located in Largo, Florida which is in the Tampa Bay area.
       This is/was an owner occupied building with no tenants.  
Alan Development does not  typically build owner occupied structures, but it was for my husband's family owned business  so we decided to take on the project for a nominal development fee.

  We procured a beautiful  corner lot across the street from a major medical district.    It was an old AmSouth Bank building.      We then hired an architect as well as a general contractor.    It was more or less a tear down property, but  we ended up using a good portion of the structure's original footprint and then substantially altered and added on to it.   We were even able to retain the huge metal vault that the bank had used to store cash and safe deposit boxes.   The owners were absolutely thrilled about that.
When finished, everything inside was brand new.   


The building turned out marvelously and really helped propel that  business forward from an average of $8,000,000 a year in annual sales to a whopping $35,000,000 per year.

Aesthetically, this is definitely one of the nicest looking projects that we have ever developed.   The beautiful dome as well as the exceptional finish work on the building really created a wow effect.   The building is now a very well established landmark in the community and often gets compliments as being the "Taj Mahal" of Largo, Florida.

At one point my husband Greg Arbutine was 50% owner of the property and business.  However, in late 2021 he decided to part ways and sold his half of the corporations including the real estate to his brother partner Chris Arbutine.
 They didn't get along too well, and one of them had to go.

The building was built by us like Fort Knox and should withstand hurricane winds as well as any attempted  burglaries with its  extraordinary security design.  Barring the business going under from mismanagement, the building will likely  remain a Largo mainstay for many more years and decades to come.   If it does not continue to succeed with its current business occupant,  it will make for a fine mixed use medical plaza.



The before photo

The after photo

groundbreaking ceremony at The Silver Queen in Largo, Florida

Groundbreaking  Ceremony

The Silver Queen
Project Completed on November 9th, 2002

  Since 1992, Alan Development has been procuring land and developing  commercial, mixed-use and multi-family projects.    Our company also acquires existing buildings and turns them into viable income properties.   
We do projects completely on our own or partner with corporations, investors, lenders or private individuals.   
Contact us today to discuss investment and partner opportunities. 
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