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Swann Metro Center


One of our long standing core properties:
In 1992, we acquired  and developed the 14,000 square foot 
Swann Metro Center in Tampa, Florida.   
       The first primary tenant was for an owner occupied health club that we owned
named Metroflex.   It was in business for 8-1/2 years and is no
longer in existence today.   Since then, the plaza has been subdivided and
greatly improved and there has subsequently been many other tenants,
which were/are very high end businesses.

The location of this plaza can hardly be beat.   It is in the heart of Hyde Park where residential population growth has only gotten denser and denser over the years and decades.   There is also very little commercial retail space available in that local vicinity.   With the short supply or tenant spaces and ever increasing demand and rapid population growth, the plaza is only going to continue to go up in value in the future.  It also doesn't hurt that most of the nearby residential homes are now running in the
millions of dollars as result of rising wages in the area and a
 influx of rich retirees to Tampa Bay.

This particular plaza we are 100% owners.  
      There has been little to no turnover of tenants in recent years in this plaza.
The tenant mix is ideal with hair, nails, chiropractic, dental and other
service oriented businesses.   Most tenants have been there for a while and
are in long-term leases.   All are very successfully run businesses.

  This is our only plaza left in our portfolio that we currently still self manage.  However, as we now live 2,300 miles away in Utah, we are slowly gearing up a new management team to keep and eye the place and run the operations.   All of our other newer property acquisitions and developments have or have had first rate management companies.   However, we could probably not manage the managers so well had we not had hands on experience with leasing and tenant relations ourselves for so many decades
managing our own properties.

Hyde Park in Tampa, Florida is a super strong market and we plan to keep this

plaza for a long term hold.

Swann Metro Center in Tampa, Florida
100% fully occupied as of 11-8-23

  Since 1992, Alan Development has been procuring land and developing  commercial, mixed-use and multi-family projects.    Our company also acquires existing buildings and turns them into viable income properties.   
We do projects completely on our own or partner with corporations, investors, lenders or private individuals.   
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